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by Blank Embrace

Long Way 06:46
Sorrow 06:10
Runaway 06:37
The Caves 04:34
Acceptance 06:37


You are in a large open space.

The horizon extends unthinkably wide, but you feel that you must follow a certain calling.
Here begins your journey through the tundra.

You go and go, and here on the horizon appeared the first symbols.
There are ancient and dilapidated semi-statutory, semi-mechanisms, the purpose of which nobody knows.

But every tundra ends sooner or later.
You go out to the edge of the coniferous forest, step on the land covered with moss, and your eyes flood the bright and warm sun.

Passing through the thicket, you step on the path, from which it seems calm and stubborn. Confidence is an importance.
After resting, you continue your journey.

The path ends and you find yourself in the marshes.
The local atmosphere contains some substances, and you become unimaginably sad.
Stormy and nostalgic images overwhelm you.

You want to change something. You jerk off to run and run, run, run. These swamps feel like they do not end.

You come to the beginning of the Great Mountain, realizing that what you need is at its top.
You feel the sun on your face, breathe in the fresh, moist sparkling air.

You start climbing this seemingly irresistible peak, but you feel that it is necessary.

And now, the last stage. To ascend to the very top, you need to make your way through the caves.
Long hours are almost in pitch darkness and in your thoughts. But here the caves end, and you go out to the plateau.

To the top. You laugh, you are experiencing a spiritual uplift. You look back.
You understand why you followed, for which was all this way.

For the acceptance of oneself. This is ascension.


released February 23, 2018


music & artwork by: Blank Embrace



all rights reserved



Kaiseki Digital Lansing, Michigan

Kaiseki Digital is a digital label dedicated to the creation and curation of narrative music.

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