The Great Filter




When humans get blinded by reality, we must tell them the truth.


released August 31, 2018


music & artwork by: SPARTALIEN

Craving For Change: Speech by Robert Jamison
Devil’s Lure: Speech by John Maynard
The Last Card: Speech by Dr. Carolin Rosin
Campfires: Speech by Robert Hastings


all rights reserved



Kaiseki Digital Lansing, Michigan

Kaiseki is a style of traditional Japanese cuisine in which a series of intricate dishes are prepared to tell a story through the use of artful skill and techniques.

Kaiseki Digital is a record label dedicated to adopting the principles of kaiseki for the creation and curation of narrative music.
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Track Name: Craving For Change
[Robert Jamison] ...and they went through the normal debriefing and then they said to me: "Now, I want you to go to another table at the other end of the briefing room for a special briefing."
Track Name: Devil's Lure
[John Maynard] A lot of people talk about conspiracies over a shadow government.
I'm willing to testify before Congress, that these black operations do exist. I nearly became part of it.
Track Name: The Last Card
[Dr. Carolin Rosin] ...and we have to prevent the weaponization of space because: there is a lie being told to everyone. That the weaponization of space is now first being based upon the evil empire the Russians. ...then there would be terrorists. Then there would be third world countries - now we call them rogue nations or nations of concern. Then there would be asteroids. And then he would repeat to me over and over: "And the last card, the last card, the last card would be the extra-terrestrial threat.
Track Name: Campfires
[Robert Hastings] Over the past 37 years, I have personally located and interviewed more than 120 of these former retired military personnel. All of whom report UFO incidents at one or more of the following locations: nuclear missile sites, nuclear weapons storage areas and nuclear weapons test sites in Nevada and the Pacific during the era of the atomic atmospheric testing.
I believe, these gentlemen believe, that this planet is being visited by beings from another world. Who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War 2.
Regarding the missile shutdown incidents: my opinion, their opinion, is that whoever are aboard these craft are sending a signal to both Washington and Moscow, among others, that we are playing with fire. That the possession and threatened use of nuclear weapons potentially threatens the human race and the integrity of the planetary environment.